Dedan Ndungu

Dedan Ndungu

Doha, بَلَدِيَّة اَلدَّوْحَة

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About me:

Self-motivated and highly competent vet nurse with 4+ years in dairy animals field as well as care and treatment of hospitalized animals. Well versed in emergency care, preventive care, diagnosing injuries and illnesses and performing basic medical procedures.Practical in: obtaining and collecting laboratory specimens such as blood sample in dogs,cats,birds and all other large animals, Iv cannula placements including small puppies and kittens,Radiology,assisting veterinary examinations in consult rooms by handling and restraining aggressive animals ,preparing animals for surgery by shaving and preping , Sedation, Anaesthesia monitoring and assisting in surgeries. In addition to that, I am conversant with administration of medication and Dosage calculation. Therefore, I can confidently undertake and perform all nursing tasks.


Ahiti Kabete


5years experience with animals 3 in animal hospital as a senior Nurse/assistant Veterinary 

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