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Dear Sir,

       My name is Habib Abd El Salam,I worked in the construction field as a site engineer and land surveyor in TOPO Land Company in Lebanon. I have taught Civil and Surveying Engineering for around seven years in Professional culture school. 

       I earned a Bachelor degree in leadership and implementation of the workshop (Technical civil engineering) / Bachelor degree in Surveying Engineering.

     Kindly consider my letter for a suitable position based on my degrees and experiences. 
Available Driving License/ NOC Availability.

Thank you and I’m looking forward to hear from you.



08 /2016 - 9 /2022} Site Engineer
Topo Land - Baalshmay, Beirut, Lebanon
Topo Land - Baalshmay, Beirut, Lebanon
Key responsibilities:
Key responsibilities:
Calculating the quantity of material.
Following an economical implementation method within the required specifications.
Observance of safety requirements.
Measurement and valuation.
Study the drawing and execute the work.
Responsibility of supervising the whole site.
Preparing the site and carefully planning to be done.
Monitor progress, oversee the delivery of materials.
Supervising the labors.
Keep in close contact with members of their site team.
{ 08 /2016 - 9 /2022} Chief Surveyor
Taking measurements of distances and angles on a property or section of land in order to establish legal
Employing specialized equipment, including distance measuring wheels, GPS, to measure boundaries and
Performing mathematical calculations to determine and confirm surveying measurements.
Marking and delineating boundaries and reference points on a property or section of land.
Presenting data to clients and preparing reports detailing legal boundaries and other relevant information.
Researching and consulting historical maps and surveys, as well as legal documents, relating to the property or
section of land they are measuring.
Analyzing data by using plans, maps, charts, and software such as AutoCAD.


{ 09 /2016 - 06 /2017}
Sales representative and showroom supervisor
Bachelor degree in Executive Engineer (Construction and Public
Bir Hasan Institute, Lebanon
{ 09 /2011 - 06 /2014} Higher Technical Diploma in Specialty Construction Public Works and
Dekwene Institute, Lebanon
{ 09 /2015 - 06 /2016} Bachelor degree in Surveying Engineer

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