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Houmem Mansour


حول Houmem Mansour:

chemical engineer with experience in wastewater treatment plant O&M


                                       Throughout the course of my career, I have worked in project related to water and wastewater treatment plant across the middle east and Tunisia as I was signed by my previous company to prepare and execute field trials within different WWTP plant as we were demonstrating the benefits of using of different product and operation optimization of wastewater treatment plant in different industry: water bottling oil and gas wastewater, food industry wastewater and others … and the use of Chlorine dioxide as disinfection of feed water not only to disinfect but also to avoid formation of THM as the ClO2 dose not oxidize bromide to form bromine and also prevent and mitigate biofilm formation inside the RO membranes. Such experience along the years have given me a solid knowledge in water and wastewater treatment operation and monitoring.

I am an astute problem-solver capable of prioritizing and managing complex projects with proficiency, I am open-minded and focused on new developments in my field. I have proven to be effective and motivational, with proficiency in problem-solving and collaborative work. I enjoy brainstorming and coordinating efforts to achieve a common goal.


You may notice a gap in my employment while reviewing my resume. During this period, I elected to take a leave from the workforce in order to go back to school in 2017. The time that I was able to commit to my education has been invaluable to my professional growth and passed my postgraduation degree in petroleum engineering.                           


Eng. Chemical engineer 

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