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luay shmais


حول luay shmais:

A Professional with a history of success in directing teams for traffic diversions and proper traffic management  field towards excellence overreaching project goals.


Senior Traffic Engineer [Boom Construction Company] sep 2021 till current



Design & supervision of Traffic Diversion Plan (TDP) as per WZTMG (version 1.2).
❖ Coordinating with all required authorities Consultant, Client (PWA) O&M & MOI for obtaining TDP approval.
❖ Monitoring and solving all traffic related issues at site.
❖ Responsible of Implementation & management of all traffic management measures in accordance with the approved TDP.
❖ Controlling Traffic Materials (Concrete Barriers, Plastic Barriers, hoarding fence, signage...) across all the project and managing quantities of traffic materials for the Implementation of TDPs.
❖ Ensure that the site traffic management supervisor (STMS) and site traffic management personal (STMP) are adequately trained on the basic elements of temporary traffic management and are familiar with the TDP.
❖ Be present for the establishment, removal a& alteration of Temporary Traffic Management.
❖ Monitoring traffic Ques and Delays.

Traffic Engineer: Petroserv limited [Nov 2019-sep 2021]



 Design of Traffic Diversion Plan (TDP) for FRP06 Project (located at Madinat Khalifa and Immigration underpass) as per WZTMG (Version 1.2).
❖ Coordinate with Consultant (Stantec LTD), Client (PWA), PWA TDP office & MOI regarding TDP Approval.
❖ Supervision of TDP Implementation at site as per WZTMG (Version 1.2).
❖ Site Control and Safety of Live Traffic and Public control.
❖ Assists the project management in their dealings with Clients & Stakeholders in all issues concerned with Traffic at work.
❖ Conducts Traffic Studies where necessary at site and ensure acceptable LOS.
❖ Coordinate with stakeholders concerns related to traffic and transportation issues. Present study to the public,
client representatives, and other agencies.
❖ Coordination with Planning section and management concerning Project layout Progress Plan from traffic Perspective.
❖ Coordination with Project manager, Construction manager and Project engineers regarding TDP Implementation Plans, Traffic site condition.
❖ Preparation of comprehensive supporting documents, Drawings and estimated resources required during the establishment of implementation of the Traffic Management Plan, covering all aspects of traffic diversion, facilitation and control expected to arise in primary and secondary ‘impact areas’ during the Project works.

Traffic Modeler: Muhel Consulting [March 2018-Aug2019]



❖ ❖

Modeling and rechecking road designs so they meet the standards of ministry of transportation (MOTC) (QHDM)(QTCM).
Benchmarking analysis of traffic data for various projects.
Submitting Development Review, Methodology, Modeling &Traffic Impact Assessment study reports to the ministry of transportation (MOTC).
QA/QC engineer for the Transportation Master Plan for Qatar for all types of surveys done by MOTC.
- -
Perform daily inspection and test of scope and character necessary to achieve the quality of Transport Master Plan of Qatar.
Report to the QA/QC Supervisors regarding the control and monitoring of all the activities on site. Develop assessment and quality job analysis for improvements


Beirut Arab University-Lebanon-2010 till 2016


civil and environmental engineer

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