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Majid Imran

Majid Imran

Doha, بَلَدِيَّة اَلدَّوْحَة


حول Majid Imran:

I am working for Roads Projects as mentioned below:

Current Project:

Jeryan Nejaima Road infrastructure (Block 1700):


Completion Projects:

1.      UMM AL DOME IMPROVEMENT at Maither

2.      Al Mearad DW44 Package 3 Muaither

Attached is my resume for the same.

Holding a degree of an Electrical Engineer, I possess 13 years of work experience to back my qualifications with Exposure in the projects like Infrastructure Road projects for Ashghal and Utilities worksMetro RailwayCar Park, Railway for people mover station, high Rise building, Substation, I feel that given an opportunity I can work in any situation and come up with the best results.

I possess a solid knowledge of the practices and principles in the technical areas. I also possess independent judgment to plan, Quality and implement new ideas.

As an Electrical Engineer I have been handling the following tasks:


Ø  Lead a team of Site Engineer, cad operators, supervisors and technicians for several specific projects Coordination and verification of Subcontractors bills.

Ø  Installation of MV, Pilot, LV and Street Light cables.

Ø  Installation of MV, Pilot, LV and Street Light cables..


I hope my qualifications and skills match your requirements. For any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me on my telephone number or email. I would be happy to meet you for an interview to know your requirements from this position.


I thank you for your time and also for your consideration.


Mohammed Majid Imran

 Senior Electrical Engineer 



Competence Engineering council UK SPEC:A1, A2, B1, B2, B3, C3, C4, D1, D2, D3, E1, E2, E3, E4, E5


1. Reviewing, substantiate, Designing, Request for information if design issue, 

Design figures, Short Circuit calculation

VD (Voltage Drop), prepared quality assurance and quality control procedures and submitted for approval.

Preparing the shop drawing and material submittal submitted to consultant against the drawings and specification, local codes (Such as Kahramaa, PWA, and Ooredoo Etc.) and international good practice


Monitor and advise sub-contractor, including their compliance with their contract, preparing of construction management Plans, safety and security of the works, progress, quality and environmental facet

  1. Providing recommendation to the consultant on the list of all deviations from the standards as per latestlocal and International codes.


Preparing project reportsbased on progressof works, qualitychecks and technical specification of the works, safety and Other contract matters.


  1. Illustrate the intensity of knowledge and experience in regards of contract administration procedure, workforce management, hold a perceptive understanding of public works Authority (PWA) procedures and capable of

        Elucidate code ordinances and regulations as provided in the contract.

  1. Coordinates with other Engineering discipline within the organization team and as well as other government departments.
  2. Prepare and implement specification, data sheets and other construction documents based on the contract.
  3. Prepare and submit RFI/INR/MAR/MIR to consultant for their review and approval.

Advise the team concerning of the technical and financial proposals, estimating and constructability, technology distribution and solving technical problems that may arise during construction.


Carry out complicated engineering assignments such as numerouscalculation and investigation and mainly important engineering works professionally and precisely..


The project Includes the following service. i.e.,

  1. HV/MV/LV Cable Networks.
  2. Street Lighting Installations.
  3. Traffic Signals.
  4. QNBN.
  5. Ooredoo (Telecom Network)
  6. QAF.
  7. Utility Networks.
  8. Maintenance Contracts.

I am responsible for Coordination with Qatar PublicWorks Authority (PWA) Department Ashghal/Kahramaa/Clients. I also perform direct work inspections with Qatar Government Firms for swift approvals.

I am responsible for cost estimations and deliverables. I am Managingcontractual requirements, Scheduling delivery plans for all Work packages, I am performing project audits and preparing reports, approval for time to time handing over to the client. I am Worked collaboratively with architects, clients, 3rd party developers/contractors, regulatory and Concerned insurance agency.


Personal Achievements:


1. Designof Low Voltage Cable for traffic signalshown 4cx35mm2 Cu/XLPE/SWA/PVC from substation to controller which is technically not feasible, since our project is re-measurable I can do suitable calculation and recommend to change the size of the cable however, I have notice that the selected cable cannot withstand for the load of traffic signal .As per my previous experience I would know the cable size change that leads to huge variation of cost in contract value.

When calculated the parameters manuallyusing voltage drop equation, the cable size were matchingthe requirements as per traffic signal loads. The formula used as below.

Voltage Drop = 1.73 x Z x I X L / 1000 Where.

Z: Impedance of the conductor (Ohms per 1000 feet ,or ohms/kft) I= Load current (amperes)

L= Length(feet)

Voltage drop Percentage % = VD/415V

From above formula it was justified that 4cx35mm2 cable fail to achieve accepted criteria as per Kahramaa

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