Mohamed Elmunzer Hassan Giball Abdelrahman

Doha, بَلَدِيَّة اَلدَّوْحَة

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About me:

Engineering geologist with 15 years experience in Drilling operation, core logging, Geotechnical report writing, shallow & pile foundation design, slope stability, preliminary Tunnel design.


Luton University (UK)                   2000-2002  HND in Geology

Staffordshire University (UK)       2002-2004  BSc (HON) Applied Geology

Portsmouth university (UK)          2019-2020  MSc Engineering Geology


Experienced in Drilling operation supervision (Rotary coring & cable percussion). 

Ability to calculate bearing capacity, settlement analysis for shallow & Pile foundations

Experienced in Engineering soil & Rock Description according to BS 5930.                    Experienced in core logging & Rock mass Characterization GSI, RMR, Q-system.              Familiarity with Soil/ Rock laboratory analysis (UCS, Atterberg limit, point load test ….).                                     Knowledge of Geotechnical Field testing SPT, CPT, Geophysical survey (EM, VES…).                                                                   Ability to report writing, sampling Exploratory Hole log using (Win log) software.                                        Ability to analyse Geotechnical Design parameters undrained shear strength, skin friction

Ability to analyse Petrophysical logs (Neutron, Gamma, Resistivity, Photoelectric)

Ability to produce environmental risk assessment for contaminated land.

Ability to produce GFR Geotechnical Factual Report, GIR Geotechnical Investigation Report, GDR Geotechnical Design Report.

Ability to produce Preliminary Tunnel Design Report for underground Excavation.

Ability to analyse Slope instability through Kinematic Analysis Graphical (stereo net method) & Limit equilibrium Method (Analytical method) using Dips, Unwedge Software.

For Planar, Rotational, Wedge & Toppling failures.

Provide site inspection service referring the compatibility of GIR to ongoing site Excavation observation.

Assign Lab testing program based on the structural load to be constructed and the soil type.

Check up on the operational safe & cost-effective viability of the choice of foundation type (capacity & settlement).

Analyse & interpret Geotechnical data (Lab & Field) & provide recommendation for Engineering Design parameters.

Report Geological setting (structural, Geomorphological, stratigraphic) of the site for planning consent authorization & site investigation design program. 

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