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 A certified maintenance & Reliability  Professional with over 15 years of experience in maintenance execution, management, asset management,  Asset reliability and integrity program implementation


MARAFEQ QATAR – May 2019 till date

Maintenance & Reliability Engineer



  • Initiated the RCA of critical centrifugal compressor high speed repeated bearing failure upon every power failure and implemented the corrective action saving the costly failure and peak season downtime. 
  • Investigated the root cause of 3 times switchgear flashover in 2 years, at least 3 design issues and poor-quality components identified and corrected, leading to more reliable and safe operation. 





  • Initiated and regularized the 3 main predictive maintenance program- vibration, ultrasound, thermograph and identified and corrected the flaws in oil sampling and analysis resulting in reduction of 75% unplanned failures in 2 years for pumps and cooling tower gearboxes. 
  • Actively lead the efforts for improving the preventive / predictive maintenance compliance rate from 55% to 95% in 2 years, which resulted in reduction of critical equipment failures by 60% and direct failures cost saving. 
  • Worked actively with team to improve the work management and planning -scheduling and productivity improved by at least 15%. 




Asset Reliability & Maintenance 

  • Review the maintenance plan and customize activities according to criticality and failure trends observed historically. Study the failure patterns and observe the parameters like MTBF.
  • Develop the work instructions based on the FMEA or reliability centered practices for based on operation philosophy and failure pattern.  
  • Initiate the RCFA for major failures by involving maintenance, engineering, operations etc. by different techniques like FMEA, fishbone or others. 
  • Coordinate with maintenance for troubleshooting, testing, study, and analysis of equipment failures, coordinate the implementation of permanent corrective actions based on RCFA and review its effectiveness.
  • Participate in the new project discussions with projects and engineering, and provide reliability specifications for new systems, testing procedures and implementation.  
  • Identify and locate the critical equipment based on operation philosophy, failure history as well as other parameters and design a close condition monitoring aimed at preventing the unplanned outages. 
  • Review and analyze the predictive maintenance data, study the trends, and develop necessary reports. 
  • Observe the variations in the PDM data and alert the maintenance team to initiate the proactive action or verify the same based on criticality of asset. 
  • Optimize the preventive and predictive maintenance plan, conduct NDT for high voltage switchgear and protection equipment.
  • Trend the key performance parameters of critical assets along with their age and usage to develop an estimate of their planned replacement. 
    • Ensure the uninterrupted service by eliminating the bad actors, implementing RCAs, and training the floor staff the reliability concepts in a routine manner. 


Capacity Planning

  • Consider the life expectancy of the asset as well as the replaceable parts and work around the predicted reliability to have a timely replenishment. 


Reporting & Analysis

  • Calculate the reliability parameters on monthly basis like MTBF, Reliability, PM/PdM, failure rate etc. and submit the same to department director and apprise him regarding critical reliability risks in near and medium future.
  • Evaluate the technical proposal of external contractors, vendors for electrical testing, modification, or upgrade works. 


XERVON INDUSTRIAL SERVICES LLC. ABU DHABI -Feb 2016 to March 2019                                 




  • Successfully delivered the asset health assessment project for 33/11 KV sub-station and motors on offshore location in ADNOC within the allotted duration of the project and prevented at least 20 failures.
  • Lead the 3-year project for predictive maintenance & health assessment of subsea high voltage cables, motors and other equipment including oil sampling and analysis on the offshore platform and island for ADNOC Abu Dhabi.
  • Completed an upgrade project for installation of new motor manager relays under low voltage switchgear in ADNOC refinery to improve the overall reliability as a scheduled discard task.
  • Completed the upgrade of obsolete compressor control system for high-pressure compressor from Siemens to Schneider on ADNOC processing platform Abu Dhabi, managing the subcontractors and different stakeholders. 




Reliability- Predictive Maintenance

  • Lead and supervised preventive / predictive maintenance projects, expert in applying the effective & applicable 



techniques for cables, motors, alternators, transformer, and rotating devices.

  • Condition monitoring & testing expertise in vibration monitoring, ultrasound, thermograph, oil analysis, partial discharge testing, tan-delta, MCSA, PDCA for motors, pumps, transformers, cables & switchgears.
  • Develop report based on compilation of previous trends and data to categorize the potential severity of the defects and suggest the corrective actions required.
  • Participate in the analysis of defects and failure as required by the client for different machines and submit the detailed study.  
  • Planning and budgeting for the resources, manpower, subcontractor, and suppliers for different phases of the 
    • Track & update the internal asset strategy and objectives in line with asset policy & overall organizational strategy.

project and maintain the cash flow accordingly. 

  • Consult the customer for reliability by conducting RCFA, FMEA and generated RPN (risk priority number) as required by client and submits the report and realized up to 30% increase in MTBF.

Documentation and Reporting

  • Prepare and submit the various test reports, conclusions and recommendation as required by the client and project. 
  • Develop various project documents like project plan, schedule, procedures, and other documents to be submitted to client and for internal project management.
  • Generate the daily-weekly progress reports, cost and revenue related reports, project related quality documentation etc. 


  • Provided 70 hours training and onboarding induction to new staff about project requirement and technical support.
    • Generated the business by Conducting technical presentations & seminar to different clients about usage & importance of predictive maintenance & reliability tools and showcase our services.

Business Development

  • Fulfill the customer expectation by responding the technical queries and providing the services in agreed time frame.





  • Received appreciation letters two times for contributing to improve process, documentation and detecting highest number of potential failures.
  • Achieved zero unplanned outage for 2015 summer season as well as 20 % increase in detection of high potential failures by right predictive maintenance technique.
  • Initiated and achieved detection of internal discharges by using TEV (Transient Earth Voltage) techniques in switchgear.



Predictive /Preventive Maintenance & Reliability Analysis

  • Responsible for implementing various condition assessment techniques, like Vibration, partial discharge test, thermograph, TEV & tan delta, insulation testing techniques on substation equipment like switchgear, transformer and capacitor banks.
  • Involved in RCM analysis team and conduct FMEA for critical equipment like switchgear, transformer etc.
  • Achieved the 70% reduction in LVDB flash overs by Initiating special condition monitoring program during the summer season 2014-15.
  • Initiated the condition monitoring of 132/11 KV power transformer by Conducting a feasibility study to comply with the safety regulations.
    • Study the failure rate of equipment to identify the bad actors, conduct RCFA using tools like FMEA, RCM and Fishbone etc. and generate the reports and recommendations.

Failure Study & Bad Actor Elimination

  • Calculate and track the reliability KPIs, MTBF, SAIFI, CML, CAIDI etc. & devise a condition monitoring strategy to sustain the target reliability.




Reporting and Analysis

  • Prepare monthly performance report of the section. Calculate the cost saving based on potential failures detected based on net present value justifying ROI.


Scheduling & Control

  • Monitor and evaluate the condition monitoring program adjust the frequency as required based on health indices.
  • Coordinate with other departments like site maintenance, workshop and inventory, data center, IMS and projects.


Bachelor of Engineering - Electrical & Electronics in 2008

Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional - CRE

Certified Reliability Engineer - CRE

Certified Vibration Analyst - CAT-II

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