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Revit Architecture Structure, AutoCAD Draftsman
Doha, بَلَدِيَّة اَلدَّوْحَة



I’m a BIM Modeler Revit Architecture & Senior AutoCAD Draftsman working in STRUKTON CONSTRUCTION & TRADING W.L.L; preparation of shop drawings for road layout, pavement & kerbing, road marking & sings, cross section & quick profile, generating contour lines, road level using AutoCAD Civil 3D; preparation of coordination drawings to avoid discrepancies between all services, building design & produce accurate 3D BIM Revit Architecture modeling for residential. Accurate drawing plans, sections, elevations, ceilings & wall decoration details, profiles & families creation, schedule and 3D realistic rendering. I can support the technical team by providing Revit Architecture training for those who want to learn it. As engineering drawings are basic of my field, I have developed a strong hand drawings & Computer Aid Design in Engineering, Construction & Industrial fields when I have completed my Baccalaureate-2 in Boiler Making CHAUDRONNERIE. Earlier after my graduation I was responsible for all fabrication and erection works of structural steel structures. Responsible for modifying and finalizing the fabrication shop drawings of the entire project by using AutoCAD Software. Besides drafting, I was coordinating with others engineering field at Site and make sure the contractors are fabricating & erecting according to the approved shop drawings together with architecture, structure, infrastructure, electro mechanical and civil. After the completion of the Cement factory, I've joined Central Control Room as mill operator & was handling all stages for processing of cement from Raw Materials to the final product. I have over 15 years of the used of AutoCAD and using Revit Architecture since 2010. I have knowledge of Revit Structure, Revit MEP, 3D MAX, Turbo FLOOR PLAN Home & Landscape Pro software, LOGITRACE, AutoCAD Civil 3D, Navisworks and Microsoft office. I am a bilingual, English & French



1Period: 5th August 2019 up to date  


Position: Senior Civil/Road AutoCAD Draftsman

Responsibilities: Preparation of shop drawings for road layout, pavement & kerbing, road marking & sings, cross sections & 

quick profile, contour lines road level using AutoCAD Civil 3D. I am coordinating with Utilities team and arranging coordination drawing to avoid clashing between road, kerbs, road traffic signs, TSE, drainage, electrical, Telecom and existing network for UMM AL DOME IMPROVEMENT (IA 2018 C 031 G) Projects, PETROSERV & STRUKTON JOIN VENTURE. Am coordinating with our Consultant ITALCONSULT Qatar to comply the comments and get approval for the shop drawings. Collecting data from site engineers & surveyors and accordingly preparation of “As-Built Drawings” for final approval as per ASHGHAL Cad Standards.

Building design & produce accurate 3D/BIM Revit Architecture modeling for residential. Accurate drawings (plans, sections, elevations, ceilings & wall decoration details, profiles & families creation and schedule) and 3D realistic rendering. I can support the technical team by providing Revit Architecture training for those who want to know it use.


2- Period:                26th April 2014 to 4th August 2019  

Organization:          AL JABER ENGINEERING LLC (JEC) Doha QATAR

Position: Civil AutoCAD Draftsman

Responsibilities: Preparation of civil drawings for precast concrete blocks along seawall & benching shop 

drawings, update all bathymetric survey collected from Seawork Subcontractor, extract XYZ data of bathymetric survey from AutoCAD to Excel/CSV and generating contour lines with AutoCAD Civil 3D for CP12-E Additional Dredging of Southern Marina Channel andCP08-A3 Construction Enabling Works Qetaifan Islands for Lusail Projects. On 1st Dec 2016,   have joined New Orbital Highway & Truck Route Contract-3, Mesaieed to Salwa Road, Join Venture HLG-Leighton Contracting & Al Jaber Engineering, our biggest Road Project, where I was part of project design team as Civil AutoCAD Draftsman. I was in charge of preparing all dry utilities shop drawings (plan, sections & elevation) of all road crossings ducts such as Telecommunication Network lines, High & Medium Voltage power line, Intelligent Transport System, Street lights & all road signs & marking installation details. I was calculating excavation levels for road crossing ducts that interfering Qatar Petroleum Pipelines. I was always coordinating With Structural, Mechanical, Civil, Infrastructure, and Electrical drawings to avoid discrepancies.

3- Period:                23 March 2013 to 13 March 2014

Organization:          STROBE MEP SERVICES Doha QATAR 

Position: AutoCAD and Revit Architecture Modeler 

Responsibilities: Preparation of Electro-mechanical, architecture & structure shop drawings using AutoCAD & Revit Architecture 2009 & 2013 Software. As BIM technician, I Prepared Building sections, views, elevations, wall & ceiling decorations, templates, schedule, families and 3D modeling for SH. THANI BIN ABDULLA THANI AL-THANI Palaces 1-2-3 Project in AL GHARAFA-QATAR.


4- Period:                03 Nov. 2010 to 28 Feb. 2013 


Position: AutoCAD Operator & Steel Structure Fabrication/Erection Supervisor

Responsibilities: In charge of Amphitheater Steel Structure of University of LOME-TOGO. Responsible of Drawing Office of the entire Company. Preparation of coordination drawings & coordinating with Infrastructure, Civil, Structure, Architecture, Electrical & mechanical departments by using AutoCAD Software. Using of REVIT ARCHITECTURE 2009 for Architectural & Structure designs. Preparation of As-Built Drawings for the finished projects. Preparation of all connections piping shop drawings (ISO, Layouts, Sections, Details & welding points) for 100MW Power Plant  of Contour Global Togo to WAGPCO Gas pipeline. Update all hard & soft copies piping shop drawings, modified drawings and followed instructions of ContourGlobal Togo in charge Project & FRIEDLANDER site Supervisor. Preparation of as Built-Drawings as per site erection. (Gas piping connection between WAGPCO & CEB to CONTOURGLOBAL TOGO S.A.; Main Contractor: FRIEDLANDER TOGO)


5- Period:                28nd November 2008 to 26 October 2010 

Organization:         AECO Development LLC 

                                 224, 18th November Street, Al Ghubrah   P.O. Box 1967, P.C. 130, Muscat-OMAN 

Position:                    AutoCAD TECHNICIAN in Engineering Department

Project:                  Blue City Project Phase 1 (Muscat - OMAN)        

  AECO Development LLC is the design and construction partner of The Blue City project to be built in 10 phases in the next 12 to 15 years, on the area of 32 square kilometers in Muscat-Oman. Including 5 five star hotels and resorts, museums, hospitals, universities, activities centers and shopping malls.  

Responsibilities: Preparation of Electrical shop drawings (Layouts, Sections & Details) for the entire Project. Preparation of Fire detection, Security system and Telecommunications layouts. Preparation of electrical coordination layout. Coordinating with Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Structure, Architecture and Infrastructure departments to avoid discrepancies. Visit site to collect data and accordingly preparation of “AS BUILT DRAWINGS” for approval. 


6- Period:   2nd November 2006 to 31st October 2008 

Consultant: Maunsell Consultancy Service Ltd DOHA-QATAR.

Organization: Al-Jaber Electro - Mechanical Company (J.E.M) DOHA-QATAR   P.O Box 9536 

Position: Electro-Mechanical AutoCAD Technician 

Project: Mesaieed Housing Projects: Package-2 (491 Villas) & package-3 

(150 Villas) and two (2) Schools Projects: International & Community Schools. 

Responsibilities: Responsible for handling and maintaining files of mechanical and electrical drawings for the MEP 

Contractors. Modification & Preparation of MEP drawings: Sewage, Drainage, Water supply & Irrigation Line and Preparation of External & Internal Electrical layouts (Layouts/Plan, Sections & Details) Shop Drawings for approval by Consultant; Preparation of Coordination drawings for MEP services. Coordinating with Civil, Structure, Architecture, Electrical, mechanical and Infrastructure departments. Preparation of as Built-Drawings as per site modifications.

 7- Period: 23rd August 2002 to 30th October 2006

 Organization: DIAMOND-CEMENT Limited -GHANA 

Operational System: CCR OPERATOR; Using of Programmable Logic Control (PLC) System

Responsibilities: Responsible for handling all the stages of processing of cement from Raw Materials (clinker, 

Gypsum and Limestone) to the final product. Ability to troubleshoot all faults and problems from Instrumentation, Electrical, Mechanical, Production and Process Department. Ensuring that standard quality Cement is produced and achieving targeted output at the end of the day (Minimum 130 Tons per Hour). Ensuring the safety of cement mill equipment and plan for General maintenance and Cooperates with teams of the Plant, by ensuring the following:  

Ø Mill 1st and 2nd chamber diaphragms inspection and Separator liner; Checking of bag filters purging, bags, weight feeders and dampers; Checking of rotary air locks, Vibro feeders and bucket elevators; Adjustment of zero speed or proximity switches to avoid Motion Fault; Inspection of belt conveyors and their Structures; Communicating to departments when there is a problem and when there is a tripped in the cement mill process.


8- Period: 15th November 2001 to 23rd August 2002 

Organization: DIAMOND-CEMENT (GH) Ltd. GHANA 

Position: Structural Steel Structure Supervisor (Fabrication and Erection)

Responsibilities: Responsible for all fabrication and erection works. Erection of structural steel structures (Underground up to +54 meters). Les plate forms, stairs, conveyors structures and piping. Verification of Insert Plates position & location of Steel Structure before concrete to insure strength of supports. Installation of ventilation and recirculation ducts, piping layout, hoppers for bag filters fans and bag house during the process of construction. Coordinating with Steel Contractors, Fabricators, MEP & others Engineers. Preparation of coordination drawings for all services for the entire construction project. Responsible for modifying and finalizing the fabrication shop drawings of the entire project by using AutoCAD SoftwareUpdating hard & soft copies of drawings. 

             ### Responsible of Drawing Office of DIAMOND-CEMENT (GH) Ltd. GHANA. 

9- Period:  3rd April 2001 to 14th November 2001 



Responsibilities:  * PROJECTS (CEMENT PLANTS INSTALLATION): WACEM (West African Cement Ltd.) Extension and FORTIA-CEMENT Ltd. Plant installation at Tabligbo–TOGO. 

Ø SENIOR FABRICATOR of COGERAMA Ltd. In charge of all steel structure & piping fabrication for contract number FC/M/PRJ/05/2002 FORTIA-Cement S.A., P.O. Box: 07, Tabligbo - TOGO and contract number WA/DC/FAB/02/2002 West African Cement S.A. (WACEM) P.O. Box: 07 Tabligbo-TOGO. Accepted for works of Fabrication and Erection of Steel Structural for Cement factories projects of FORTIA & DIAMOND CEMENT (GH) AFLAO, Volta Region –GHANA. 



1- Institution:                GALAXY ACADEMY: BIM Consultant & Training Solutions. Doha-QATAR

     Period:                    November 28th 2021 to July 24th 2022

     Program:                 Autodesk Revit Architecture Diploma & Navisworks Manage

2- Institution:                KEACADD BIM & CAD CONSULTANCY: Doha-QATAR

     Period:                    July 28th 2020 to October 16th 2020

     Program:                 AutoCAD Civil 3D Essentials 2020

3- Institution:                Green Gulf International W.L.L., Doha-QATAR 

     Period:                    July 31st 2015 to October 02nd 2015

     Program:                 REVIT ARCHITECTURE, STRUCTURE & MEP 2015

4- Institution:                APTECH QATAR Computer Education Centre, Doha-QATAR 

     Period:                    MAY 2013 

     Program:                 REVIT ARCHITECTURE 2013

5- Institution:                Ace CAD Software, DUBAI - U.A.E   

     Period:                    March 2010 

     Program:                StruCAD (Design of Pipe & Steel Structure, Architecture, civil, Construction and Engineering) 

6- Institution:              Family Computer Centre, DOHA-QATAR 

     Period:                   December 2007 

     Program:                3D STUDIO MAX 

7- Institution:              Family Computer Centre, DOHA-QATAR  

     Period:                   April 2007 

     Program:                AutoCAD 2006 (2D & 3D) 


     Period:                   March 1999 to February 2001 

     Program:               AutoCAD 2D & 3D’s A.M.E. (Advanced Modeling Extension) 

     Qualification:        Diploma of AutoCAD Technician 


     Period:                  1996-2000 

     Program:               Boiler Making; CHAUDRONNERIE (Piping & Structural Steel Fabrication Engineering)

     Qualification:        BACCALAUREAT-2 Ti/1 in Boiler Making: (Piping & Structural Steel Fabrication Engineering)  


1-Organisation:GALAXY ACADEMY: BIM Consultant & Training Solutions. Doha-QATAR 

      Program:  BIM Management Seminar; Latest Technologies & Challenges; by SAFALYA WANWASE, Program Manager for

     Autodesk Education Program (MEA)                         

     Period:                           13th February 2019

2-Organisation:AFRICATIP: Association Africaine des Agences D'Exécution des Travaux d'Intérêt Public. 

                              AGETUR: Agence d’Exécution des Travaux Urbains à Haute Intensité de Main d’œuvre. 

     Period:                           November 2011 

     Program:   Projects Management & Planning, Preparation & Assembly of Tender Documents and Costs & Prices Control.                    

3-Organisation:              SOVEREIGN MANAGEMENT CONSULT Ltd. (S.M.C.) ACCRA-GHANA 

     Period:                             November 2010 

     Program:                          OIL & GAS (Introduction to Oil & Gas, Drilling Areas, Deck Crew, Health, Safety & 

                                               Environment, rescue & Fire Fighting). 

4- Organization:                   Ghana National Red Cross Society – GHANA

    Program / period:             First Aid Training, February 2006 

5-Organization:                    Ghana National Fire Service – GHANA 

    Program / period:             Fire Fighting Training, September-October 2003 

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