Sajjad Murtaza S

Sajjad Murtaza

Doha, بَلَدِيَّة اَلدَّوْحَة

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About me:

I am an innovative and accomplished professional with a strong background in Information and communication technology/Computer Science. I have proven experience in developing IT curricula, preparing and executing behavior plans, evaluating student progress and building relationships with parents to update them on student performance and development. 


I have completed Master of science in Information Technology. During the study, I completed following projects,

  1. Configuration of LAN.

 It has potential to design computer lab and all other networking of organization. 

  1. Web designing. 

An aspiring website was designed to meet requirements of any international organization.

  1. Web Application.

 In order to design a responsive web application, undersigned was assigned to develop a comprehensive and precise web application which can meet requirement of Pakistan railway reservation system. Sequel to it, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, were used to develop to said projects.

  1. Database Management System.

A data base was designed to maintain the data of respective webs. 


I have served as teaching faculty in several schools. I have been working as an ICT Instructor in one of the prestigious institution Alpha Cambridge School Doha Qatar an accredited organization from WASC (Western association of schools and colleges) and QNSA (Qatar national school accreditation).

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