Gulamhusen M. Malek Alsami

Doha, بَلَدِيَّة اَلدَّوْحَة

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About me:

OBJECTIVE       I am looking forward to a challenging and mutually beneficial career that can enhance  My existing educational and professional expertise in the field of Admin-Clerical work; which also gives me the satisfaction of having made a significant contribution to the field as well as to contribute to my personal growth.    


      Bachelor of Arts From BAOU University Ahmedabad 


SAP   (System of Application Program)   From 11th April 2007 to 4th July 2008.  Doha Qatar  HRMS (Human Resource management system)  Admin Clerk- CCIC - QATAR GAS EXPANSION PROJECT II             EPMS (Electronic Performance Management System)  From 5th July 2008 to 31st May 2011. Doha Qatar  WFMS (Work Force Management System )  Admin Clerk- CCC - PEARL  GAS TO LIQUID) GTL PROJECT          FoxPro –Time Sheet     From 01st Jun 2011 to 10th May 2013. Doha Qatar  VBC (Virtual Business Center)        Admin Clerk -CCIC-Project (Gas Sifting Facilities) Doha Qatar  Microsoft Access –Database         from 6th November 2014 to 26th Jun 2018.  Doha Qatar  Microsoft Excel,    Admin Clerk -CCIC-SIDRA Medical Center Project Doha Qatar  Microsoft Word   From 26th Jun 2018 to 31st March 2019. Doha Qatar   Microsoft PowerPoint   Admin Clerk - CCIC-Musherib Downtown Doha Qatar      Microsoft paint          From 1st April 2019 to 25th   September 2019 Admin Clerk -   CCIC-Area Office - Doha Qatar 

From 26th   September 2019 till Now Admin Assistant - CCIC- Const. and Upgrading of Mesaimeer Road. 

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