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Al Jumaylīyah
Praveen Premnavas

Praveen Premnavas

Fire Protection/Fire Alarm/Life Safety Engineer
Al Jumaylīyah


حول Praveen Premnavas:


Fire Protection/Fire Alarm/Life Safety Engineer

(Project Construction/Maintenance/Commissioning/Consultant Engineer)


 I have more than 14 years of extensive experience. My current employer is MVL USA Inc, Work as a Fire Protection Engineer (AL Udeid US AIR FORCE Project). My Recent employer is MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, work as a FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY ENGINEER (Doha Metro Phase 1 for Qatar Rail). My previous employment was in AMEC FOSTER WHEELER, employed as a FIRE PROTECTION Engineer completed two projects inside US AIR FORCE BASE (CCB & BPC III).


 I am a Double graduate. My Engineering graduation is Instrumentation and Control Engineering and I have science graduation in Bsc Mathematics. Attended seminars and received training from organizations. NFPA Organization Certified with technical training Fire Alarm system and fire protection specialty standards. Recently NFPA awarded a badge after the completion of training on Life safety and fire protection fundamentals. Have safety training and certification from OSHA & NEBOSH General Industry safety and health. Construction Quality management training has been completed and awarded certificate with USACE training program.


My experience is based in Qatar with Qatar's main construction fields (Qatar Rail, Qatar Petroleum, Qatar Gas, US Air Force, QEWC (KAHRAAMA), NDIA, ORYX GTL, NAKILAT, Ras Abu Fundas, QATALUM, HIA, Q Power, BARWA, ASPIRE, etc). Achieved Project completion as per the schedule and project planning, with deferent projects (Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Power and Desalination plant, Airport project, Military project, Metro Rail, Substation project, Multi storage buildings, Warehouses, Etc).

I have experience in the Fire Protection system (Fire Fighting, Fire Alarm, Life Safety, pressurization and ventilation). I have solid experience in Design review, Technical support and problem solving for project/maintenance teams. Project management coordination, Site inspection and instruction, work quality coordination with the construction team.


Fire protection work for Fire Alarm & gas detection system, Sprinkler system, Nozzle system, Mist system, Kitchen Hood system, FM 200 & NOVEC system, Foam system, Fire Monitor system, Alarm Check valve system, Deluge valve system, Pre-Action system, Pre-Action Double interlock system, Conventional Fire Alarm system, Addressable Fire Alarm system, Public addressing, Fire & Gas detection system, VESDA,. Fire And Life Safety system interfacing with BMS & HVAC system, Access control system, etc. Trained and Experienced in Fire Pump Inspection, Testing, controller programming and Commissioning. Service, Trouble shoot, Maintenance and cause & effect operational test.



  • Design review previous to construction Fire Protection system, Fire Alarm system, pressurization & ventilation, Life safety interfacing & Life Safety plan, Electrical & Instrumentation.
  • Building/tunnel pressurization and ventilation installation coordination & inspection.
  • Site work manpower coordination and work progress follow up. Installation inspection and Quality check, Construction life safety procedure review and follow up with site meetings and inspection.
  • Testing for detection & alarm system, Fire Protection & Life safety system.
  • Review software enabled Fire Project design drawing, calculation and review of smoke ventilation, life safety evacuation together with project team and Review as per contract requirement and site condition.
  • Develop, review and update schedule for fire protection and life safety system preventive maintenance and service as per the NFPA, QCDD & client requirement. 
  • Designate the construction fire protection and life safety products as per the contract requirement.
  • Fire Alarm System program checking, Cause & effect logic & Life safety interfacing logic performance test as per NFPA and QCDD requirement.
  • Fire and Gas system installation and commissioning.
  • Fire Alarm and Fire protection design review as per NFPA and client specification.
  • Controller program cause & effect logic analysis and set sequence of operation as per the NFPA, QCDD and contractor design requirement.
  • Fire Alarm program checking, installation tests, detector & alarm activation tests.
  • Design and develop cause & effect logic and life safety interfacing for Fire and life safety system.
  • Design and review of passive fire protection life safety system.
  • Root cause failure analysis and corrective action for the alarm and detection system as per the trouble, fault, error, service and maintenance requirement.
  • Fire Alarm reprogramming the device/Controller after maintenance or device/controller replacing.
  • Control & execute preventive maintenance schedule for multiple contracts facility maintenance.
  • Experience for Installation, maintenance, Programming, Testing, Commissioning of MONACO Fire Alarm system (MAAP+) for USACE. MONACO BTX radio transmitter Programming and radio transmission addressing knowledge
  • Experience in installation, testing, commissioning and servicing of Fire Alarm system systems (MONACO, GST, EST, ZETA, Detectomat, Autronica, Gent, Notifier, Honeywell, etc).
  • Supervising and inspecting experience in Clean Agent systems (FM200 & Novec) installation, testing and commissioning for building electric rooms and substation fire protection.
  • Installation, testing, commissioning, service and maintenance of Extinguisher, Hose reel & stand pipe system, Hydrant system, Hose reel & civil defense landing valve fire extinguishing (breeching inlet) system, Fire monitor system, etc.
  • Installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance for Wet riser sprinkler and nozzle system.
  • Installation, Testing, commissioning and maintenance for Deluge Valves (Hydraulic system, Pneumatic system, Preaction system, Preaction Double interlock system, etc)
  • Material inspection and approval as per the QCDD, NFPA and client requirement
  • Fire pump room & Fire Water tank design & installation as per NFPA 20 & NFPA 22. Fire pump performance test and functional operation tests.
  • Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Foam Inductor system, Foam Generator system, Foam tank with bladder system, Fire monitor foam system, etc.


  • Bachelor’s Degree (BE) in INSTRUMENTATION AND CONTROL ENGINEERING, from ANNA University, during 2002-2006.
  • Bachelor’s Degree (Bsc) in MATHEMATICS, from CALICUT University, during 1999-2002.

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