Ronald L. Robles

Doha, بَلَدِيَّة اَلدَّوْحَة

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About me:

I am a Filipino Facade Structural Engineer who is actively looking for a job as Facade Structural Engineer. I always want to do difficult design and analysis especially for curtain wall systems. It always makes me fulfilled whenever i do calculation reports.


I finished my Bachelor's Degree Major in Civil Engineering in Polytechnic University of the Philippines on May 13, 2014. I took and passed the Civil Engineering board exam on December 2014. 


I always express my great interest in the Facade Structural Engineer position. I always make sure to make thing get done on time. I managed to work on Facade failure investigations, doing calculation reports both for Stick and Unitized Curtain Wall System, Canopies and Skylights, Glass partition walls, etc comforming to various international codes such as British, European, Australian, and American Codes.
I believe that the knowledge and experience I have gained for almost 5 years in the Facade Industry makes me a suitable candidate for this role.

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